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SQUASHMODE is a bespoke solutions company that strives for beauty, effectiveness and fun.

Our goal is to make use of the latest technology to enhance our lives, keeping things as simple as possible. Browse some of the various creations we've made and learn all about us.



FROOG.IO is a Progressive Web App (PWA), Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game that is simple and fun to play. A global service runs the main gameplay code, and players can connect from virtually any device!

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Batter Cake

Batter Cake is fun, online strategy card game. Play against your friends online, or practice against new opponents. See who has the sharpest wits, and is the better chef!

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An example of where you can put an image of a project, or anything else, along with a description.


Another example of a project with its respective description. These sections work well responsively as well, try this theme on a small screen!

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