Batter Cake

Batter your opponent's cake to win! This fun, two-person strategy card game is full of great features. Play against your friends online, or practice against new opponents.


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Batter Cake is built with Cocos Creator. Cocos Creator is a complete package of game development tools and workflow, including a game engine (based on Cocos2d-x), resource management, scene editing, game preview, debug and publish one project to multiple platforms.


The look and feel of the user experience follow from the principles of simplicity and beauty, with a 'sweet' look and feel.


Batter Cake is a two-person strategy card-game, where players use their wits and resources to defeat their opponent by completing their own cake, while destroying their opponents. Players can invite others to play, replay previous games, and progess to gain achievements and fame!


The server code is custom written in C++ to be highly efficient and scalable, with user persistence and authentication (using Google sign-in). The player lobby, matchmaking, and invitation systems are all custom written to provide the desired user experience.


Batter Cake is a web application, allowing it to be played from anywhere. It is easily ported to mobile devices, both Android and iPhone, due to the use of Cocos Creator.

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